Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Picture an empty space, and you have the canvas on which a room scheme is painted. As chairs for your other furnishings, the background - the floor, walls and windows - should blend into a harmonious whole. Depending on how you handle these elements, you can set a mood, showcase one furniture piece or generally enhance all the furnishings.

Because a floor covers such a large area, it’s of prime importance to your plan. Here are some of your options:

Carpet offers a beautiful and unbroken surface, softness, color, texture and sound control. Match the type of carpet to the apartment and function. High-traffic areas call for tightly woven carpet that is resilient and stain-resistant. Rooms that get less use can often take a deeper, plusher pile. Area rugs are fashion favorites! Both good-looking and versatile, they work well on hard-surface or carpeted floors. An area rug for chairs can help define a conversation group, pull together a color scheme or liven up a quiet apartment with exciting design and color.

Resilient floor coverings stand up to heavy traffic, keep their good looks and need minimum care. Great for unifying a large space, they also add the beauty of pattern. Hard-surface flooring includes the mellow tones of wood and parquet, the elegance of marble and glazed tiles and the beauty of natural brick and clay tiles. These stunning materials are available in many colors and patterns.

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